by David Burke, Great Lakes

One of my favorite parts of building the Great Lakes brand has been exploring other lake cultures around the Midwest. Here in Minnesota, we have the great Lake Superior with its freezing cold water, rocky landscape, and seemingly endless horizon. Or, we enjoy the quaint and cozy vibe of a smaller inland lake that's likely warmer, dense with pines, and perfect for an evening ski.  


Traveling up Michigan's western coastline felt as if we were on the ocean. There was a gentle, but constant breeze coming off the lake. Seagrass lined the sandy beaches of the endless body of water that is Lake Michigan.  

Our weeklong journey started in Lakeside, MI at our family friend'85-year-old Cape Cod lake cottage. Equipped with a screened-in porch, outdoor shower, and cozy pool house (which we opted to stay in), it was the perfect place to chart the rest of our trip.  

First stop: South Haven. A charming little town marked by their big, red historical lighthouse. It was raining all morning but started to clear up as we got into town. We walked up and down Water Street. Plenty of restaurants, gift shops, and the occasional brewery lined their main drag. We were on a loose vacation timeline, so we jumped back in the car and headed north for Saugatuck.  
The small town of Saugatuck was one of our favorites. You come off the highway just east of the city and drive down towards the waterfront. Nestled inside Lake Michigan on the Kalamazoo River, we stumbled across all sorts of specialty shops and what very quickly became our favorite breakfast joint: Grow. I had their egg sandwich and Amanda had their vegetable, egg, and potato dish. We were feeling re-energized and ready for leg #3. 

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