REMEMBER ME? If not, quick introduction... single mom of three trying her hardest to navigate the dating scene in northern Minnesota.

Last time you heard from me I promised to share with you the trials and tribulations that come along with the quest to find love! So, true to my word, I have a few stories for you! 

If you remember, I wasn't quite sure where to begin. I had a lot of conversations with my friends about how to exactly go about dating, but unfortunately for me, I was pretty much the only single divorcee in my circle. They all had good intentions... "I know a guy who knows a guy that has a good job, but he lives with his parents...," "My cousins neighbor had good luck on Match - I mean, he wasn't a serial killer, so that's good, right?", "I work with this cute single guy... do you like cats?"... Okay, so that wasn't really working. So I took a big step. I decided to test the waters for myself and joined an online dating site.

I wish I had the words to explain to you the craziness of online dating in small town MN. The first thing that caught my eye was the screen names. BigShooter69, BuckHunter4ever, thelegend7,8 and climax335 are just a few of the names that stuck out to me. Obviously, a good screen name must be descriptive of northern MN manliness, defined by either their commitment to hunting or their performance in bed. In case you weren't sure, I gave a hard pass to these four gentlemen. The thing about online dating is that, depending on what site you are on, you can really get a big self-esteem boost. Within a couple of hours of joining, I had like 15 emails about men viewing my profile, men adding me to their favorites, and even a couple of messages! "Hey," I thought, "this might actually work!" Rookie mistake #1. The good news is that I had 8 "likes" within an hour. The bad news is that four of them were old enough to be my father, one lived in Albuquerque, two had profile pictures with rifles and dead animals, and one was smoking a cigarette with a can of Busch Light in his hand. So that was a bust. Off to read the two messages I received. O....M....G. One said, "Hey, I'm not working today. Want to 'meet' for lunch?" Barf. The other one was 15 years older than me and said, "YOU like older guyand gotitgoing on!" (typos are his, not mine). Delete, delete. Sigh. Not what I had in mind. I went to my profile page with intentions of deleting. But then I thought, "What the heck. If nothing else, I'll have some good stories to share with my married friends!" So I kept my profile active and gave myself thirty days. 

I know you are all on the edge of your seats wondering, "did Linda find a match??" **SPOILER ALERT** I did manage to go on a few dates, and I can't wait to tell you all about the Lumberjack, the Jeep, and the Mechanic next time!