As a kid growing up in Minneapolis, we moved around a lot and that caused me to always be having to make new friends in a new school and neighborhood. It wasn't always the easiest thing for me because I was so shy and insecure. I doubted the new kids would accept or like me, so I kept quiet and to myself most of the time. Every now and then kids would come up to me and start talking to me. Most of the time I'd make them laugh just by the things I'd say and I noticed they wanted to hang out with me more. Humor became my tool for making new friends.

Humor was a tool, not just in school but in an alcoholic home it was also a survival skill. I grew up with my mother and step father throwing parties on the weekends and I knew the routine: first the laughing and then the fighting. So I would try to make the adults laugh because I knew this would keep them from fighting. Also I noticed after the parties that my mother would be down and it hurt me to see her that way, so I'd try to make her laugh. That gave me the best feeling ever when she would crack up and laugh.

My grandfather would stay with us for awhile and he's the one who introduced me to Laurel and Hardy and "The Three Stooges." We would sit around on Sundays and watch these old black and white re-runs. As we would sit there laughing, I would always wonder how did they know this would be funny? It was then I became a lifelong student of comedy, always watching comedy films and shows. Yet,
I kept my secret of wanting to be a stand-up comedian to myself, because I thought everyone would make fun of me.

Later in my teen years, I started to party and skip school which led me into trouble and as an adult I was incarcerated in prison.  My humor got me through that dark time and I still held on to my dream of becoming a comedian.

After being released from prison, I decided to do something positive with my life and to be a father to my children. So I went back to school and graduated with a two year degree in HVAC. Then I decided that I wanted to move up north to work and raise my children. Around this time I started doing videos on social media and with the encouragement from others I kept making videos and they went viral overnight.

My good friend Tito had been doing stand-up comedy for about four years and was always pushing me to get into stand-up, but my fear always prevented me from jumping on stage. Then one day he put together a comedy show at one of our casinos and I asked if I could open for the comedy show. He said "Yes" and that was the scariest thing I've ever done in my life but the feeling of being on stage was liberating. I was finally free from all the fear and doubt I'd had all my life. Humor is truly healing.

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Wiener Water Soup, the recipe.

Great if you're sick and not feeling well or just hungover.


The first part in wiener water soup is that you need wieners. It doesn't matter what kind of wieners. I just so happen to use Fun Dogs. It's a lot more fun if you use FUN wieners but you can use any brand.

So what you're gonna want to do is:

 you get the wieners 

 then you boil the water. (I like to take the juices from the wieners, from inside the bag, and pour it inside the water so that it can marinate in the wiener water.)

 And you're going to want to boil wiener/s until you get that soapy, bubbly lookin' stuff around there, like, when you're in a jacuzzi with a bunch'a'guys and the bubbles and foam starts to come up to the surface, then you know your wiener water is done.

 Pull the wiener out of the water (you can do whatever you want with the wiener, put it aside and wait for later, cut it up and put it on the plate - you know for a little finger food, or you could just put it in your mouth and eat it whole. I don't know, it's up to you, whatever you like.

 Then it's ready to go. Let it cool off and, ya know, just make sure you don't burn your lips on the wiener water soup.

Follow those instructions and you'll be feeling better in no time!

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