Around our tiny entrepreneurial firepit here in northern MN, we celebrate ideas. We embrace them. Not only the ideas for new businesses, startups and imaginations, but the ideas that will take a company in a new direction and the key component that fuels it all: enthusiasm. New ideas and the energy behind them are what make the world of business much more than business. They keep things dynamic, fluid and interesting. They make for great stories. They create legacies and lay the foundation for the next generation.

And then, there are the trends. Behind a trend: reinvention of thought.  

Trends and people can never be separated. The people part represents the soul -- the heartbeat. People want to do business with others they know, like and trust. I think we'd all agree that those with a smile are generally more likable; enthusiasm is contagious.

That's the thing: businesses and trends are created by humans rethinking the known ways of doing things. Take Paul Bunyan and his Blue Ox, for example. A bearded lumberjack donning flannel, who today inspires the trend called Lumbersexual. Seriously! Look it up... #lumbersexual. Highly unlikely Paul Bunyan was thinking fashion while running the logs. People are the force behind new ideas; point proven.

Trends define our future economy.  As entrepreneurs, we are the future. The two are inextricably connected. Trends without the intellect are just numbers.

When Edison created the first viable light bulb, it was unheard of. It was unexpected and very much a new way of thinking. It was novel. And so, too, are the stories of our national park pioneers, the fur trading commercial enterprisers, the hometown restaurantuers, the record stores selling dreams, the powwowers, and yes, the Hollywood huntress. They are the intellectual capital who will define future opportunities. And yes, it's all happening in northern MN. Here we embrace our culture while supporting others.

That's the fiber of Lake Mags, Inc. We celebrate both people and trends -- and the opportunities they create. We love looking at the choreography of new ways of thinking, but also at the unexplained magic of the intellect behind it. 

Sure, we too are just a simple start-up. But we come with drive, curiosity and the spirit of adventure and entrepreneurship. Just like you.  It's the people, the thought, the passion...the fire in the belly that ignites them all. And that makes all the difference. Entoosiasm!