One year can bring about enough changes for a life - time. One year can determine the rest of your life. A year can go by in the quickest of flashes. And while each successive day may seem to differ just slightly from the last, after a year's worth of those days have passed, we may find ourselves in an entirely new place from where we began. While we might want to speed ahead to focus on a fresh New Year's resolution, don't under-estimate the power of history; there's a lot of unleveraged wisdom to be mined from the past twelve months. Looking back at a period of time all at once, like a snapshot, can allow us to see what we've accomplished and how we've grown. The terms of measurement are relative and reflection can be done at any time, but when the end of the year comes around, reflection always seems to join it naturally. With the final days of the year making their appearance, we're looking back at a few hundred of them and urge you to do the same. As an entrepreneur in the throes of building multiple companies, I always find myself looking for inspiration in terms of what it takes to do that successfully.  

So when I sat down to corral the content within these pages for my quarterly publisher's letter, it dawned on me - these magazines are my reflections. Not only has every person, business, talent, or idea that we've crossed paths with in the last year (since we first began) had profound relevance, personally and with business, but it's shed light on the importance of celebration - yes, the event that takes place between what-it-took-to-get-there and where-to-go-next.  And that's what we've set out to do, honor your relevance and celebrate it. With this responsibility comes a very curious set of challenges. 

Foremost, northern Minnesotan's are a humble bunch; 'we wouldn't dare talk about ourselves, oh heavens no!'  Well, you should! Believe it or not, your successes inspire - you're doing amazing things, in an amazing place... go ahead and scream it from the rooftops. 

OK then, we will for you.