In celebration of World Down Syndrome Awareness Day, Arc's Value Village wears their heart and their mission on their sleeve, literally. The Style Show is always on March 21st, which signifies the third (extra) twenty-first chromosome in people with Down syndrome, and presents twenty-one models of all abilities.  Not your average thrift store, Arc's Value Village provides a free personal shopping service; these stylists also help style models for the annual show.  The whole purpose of our store is to raise funds for The Arc Minnesota, an advocacy agency for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. People who share our passion for our purpose become brand champions.

Thanks in part to the work of The Arc, many people with Down syndrome now have the opportunity to live a full life and pursue their dreams. Their lives now look a lot like the typical American life: living with friends or family, going to work at a fulfilling job, and going to parties and sporting events on weekends. 

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