We live in a great nation, the greatest on Earth. And what lies outside our front doors and beyond our highways and byways is an intregal system of parks and preserves that are a result of the determination, passion and foresight of some of the greatest men and women that this country has seen. Captivated by the grandeur of our great land and its native resources, these visionaries of nature have set before us some of the most important parcels of land imaginable. Some glorious, some wild and even dangerous, these parks offer more than unspeakable beauty, they offer adventure, intrigue and a connection to nature to all who wander amongst them. These sanctuaries belong to everyone in our nation and the world. This is the true power of the parks.

The United States National Park System is celebrating a true milestone in 2016. Its 100th year. Its centennial celebration. The foundation for environmental stewardship that has been laid before us is one that current and future generations need to take heed. 2016 is a time to reflect on our past but also focus on the future, a future to enjoy these parks and maintain them for countless generations to come.

You may think of Minnesota as a land of lakes and state parks but did you know that this great state is home to SIX National Parks? We encourage you to get out and enjoy these national treasures and partake in the many special events happening this year!

For the first time ever, the Minnesota National Parks will be represented at the Minnesota State Fair- be sure to visit their booth!

It can be a place, a feeling or a state of mind. FIND YOUR PARK at www.findyourpark.com and share your story.