Nancy Lyons


Nancy Lyons is a CEO and entrepreneur who loves to talk about work, work culture, and progressive ideas. Through her candid writing and speaking, she explores the many elements of life at work and champions human-centered approaches to business. She is continually pushing the boundaries of how we think about our professional and personal lives.


What personality trait or skill do you consider your greatest asset?
I'm not afraid of saying challenging things or delivering difficult messages. I know how to have respectful conversations about things that make some people uncomfortable - like critical feedback and calling people out on their issues. My colleagues say that it's like I'm punching someone in the face but it feels to them like a hug. I think it's incredibly important to be direct about, well, everything. We need to get feedback and hear what other people think to do better, to be more self-aware, and to grow.

Also my humor. 

Do you have a motto or philosophy that you live by?
It's a little cheesy but The Four Agreements really hit home for me.
*Be impeccable with your word.
*Don't take anything personally.
*Don't make assumptions.
*Always do your best.

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