Meet Kim Shelton, your host of Lake + Co.'s new podcast, Between Two Paddles. 

Kim's family is from the tiny township of Boy River, MN. She grew up in North Yorkshire, England for 18 years, before moving back to the states in 2008. She has spent the last 7 years learning and instructing survival and primitive living skills, putting them to the test in 2014 on Discovery Channel's very first episode of Naked And Afraid. Kim has always been fascinated by the stories of people, places, and non-human beings; she spent a year interviewing and transcribing the life story of her Grandfather Leroy Fairbanks, Ogimah Ogichidaag, Leech Lake band of Ojibwe honored elder, and spent three years traveling through mountain caribou habitat, setting camera traps and interviewing First Nations and Tribal elders to raise awareness and tell the story of this endangered animal. In 2017 Kim finally moved back to northern Minnesota, the land her heart calls home. She's enchanted by the land and the people of this harsh and beautiful place and is excited to hear and share their stories.

Tune in for the first episodes of the Between Two Paddles podcast next Friday, including part 1 of the Lake Time Creators episode, where we hear from Lake Time Magazine publisher Megan Kellin and editor Christina Monson about how it all got started.

Contact Kim if you or someone you know has a story that needs to be told: [email protected]