Making it Up North Highlights Regional Artists and Entrepreneurs


Duluth, Minn -- WDSE * WRPT is excited to announce the premiere of season two of Making It Up North on January 10, 2019. The show's 12 episodes will run through May on Thursday nights at 8pm.

The self-made economy is all about leveraging technology and skills to create economic opportunities, and that wave of maker-energy is remaking the business climate and culture of the north. The production team behind Making It Up North at WDSE * WRPT is excited to showcase a host of these creative entrepreneurs making high-quality, local products while living their passions. "At WDSE * WRPT we have a unique opportunity to share the stories of the people around us who are taking risks to follow their dreams," said Karen Sunderman, producer. "We hope that by sharing our neighbor's stories with the Northland and beyond, we are both supporting their businesses and the regional economy, as well as inspiring people to pursue their own passions."

In their first Emmy-nominated season, Making It Up North featured more than seventy-five creative entrepreneurs from across northern Minnesota. Season two expands the circle. Sunderman and Steven Ash, director, focus on highlighting a diverse set of artists and business people from around the region. And the show has already had its desired impact on local businesses. "We have people come in and say that they saw our place on WDSE * WRPT and they wanted to check it out for themselves," said Josh Kowaleski, manager at Spokengear, which was featured in the first season.

"In the upcoming season, we're looking forward to sharing the daily life--the risks, the sheer effort, and the rewards--of the people who've made our creative economy what it is today," said Ash. "From Anna Hess, a Lutsen painter, to Molly Olson's Dance Collaboration "Reflections on Water" in Ely, to The Big Lake gallery owner Abby Tofte in Grand Marais, the passion and talent across our region is astonding."

"I'm particularly excited about the Farm to Table episodes," Sunderman added. "They'll highlight local growers, farmers, and fisherman, as well as the restaurants and outlets that partner with them to cook and sell their product. Like Farm Lola and Love Creamery, where Nicole Wilde turns Lola's fresh raspberries into incredible sorbet. Or fisherman Steve Dahl in Knife River, who provides his fresh herring to Chef Scott Graden at New Scenic Café. We're all connected. It's amazing to see the passion that goes into the local products that are all around us."

You can also watch a special episode of Making It Up North featuring the team behind Lake Time Magazine on Thursday, February 7th at 8pm on WDSE * WRPT (check your local listings). It's an inspiring story of collaboration and leveraging skills to bring a high-quality, original publication to life.

The Duluth-Superior Area Educational Television Corporation, known by its call letters as WDSE * WRPT, is a trusted nonprofit, community partner providing media and services for the public good since 1952. In addition to providing national entertaining and educational programming through PBS and other partners, they also produce 9+ shows locally, highlighting the people, businesses and issues central to the Northland.