It blankets us with a cold warmth.

A coziness from the comforts of our couch to the Cordura layers of our outside adventures.

Winter has arrived

And with it... fun footprints, snow angels, snowball fights, slick driving, the careful analysis and determination with each step, a vast array of sports only enjoyed after the anticipation of covered ground and frozen water has finally become reality, crackling fireplaces, snowpants and mittens, warm drinks and frosty noses...


With winter come the holidays that bring us together when so many are far apart.

The clanging of bells, the twinkling of lights, the smells of Frasier fir, cookies, and cider... 


This time of year makes me childish and nostalgic for a time when nothing else mattered but family (and a few presents under the tree).



The all-consuming anticipation of the great Santa's arrival would wake me from my sleep in the early hours (only one day a year) to snuggle with my brother as we waited for the "all clear" permission to trek down the stairs to see what delights had been delivered by the man in the red suit and shiny boots.


I hope to always be reminded of the playfulness of winter. The playfulness of family. The playfulness of traditions.

As I age, I hope to be able to give my daughter the same fantastical memories that I now enjoy as an adult and SO cherished as a child.


It's all about magic. That is my hope for you and my hope for this country. See the magic in the world. Embrace it. Encourage it. Let it envelope you. Move forward with magic as you embrace the year ahead.

To all....

Good cheer!