Another spring is upon us and it always amazes me how the air is so different this time of year, so fresh. As we breathe it in and anticipate the warmer days ahead and the adventures of a new season, we start to watch for all the signs of spring... the greening grass, the budding trees and early blooming flowers, the cabin traffic heading north... it's all exciting. Fresh. New... again.

It reminds us how fortunate we are to live amongst this beauty and how the diverse seasons help to keep them spectacular. In this issue of Lake Time Magazine, we celebrate the rebirth of the land, the recreation of the season, and the true celebration of new life around us and the history that got us to this point.

As Earth Day approaches this coming April, we acknowledge the importance of taking care of the world around us. But it's not just Earth Day, it's the hundreds of years before that have laid claim to much of Minnesota's landscape- especially one of Minnesota's most celebrated landmarks, the Headwaters of the Mississippi River. Our article on the 125th birthday of Itasca State Park illustrates the early days of conservation and environmental thinking. A profound past of influential people helps to solidify the significance of nature in our lives. The MN State Parks & Trails celebrate 125 years! The National Park System celebrates 100 years! 2016 will be an exciting year!

We celebrate the time-honored tradition of the state's upcoming fishing opener. This state holiday signals the start of our favorite pastime but also the beginning of the summer season! You'll also find stories of modern day innovators, the much celebrated and oh-so-Minnesotan art of maple syruping as well as a look into the former existence of caribou in Minnesota... and much more!

As you peruse these pages, we hope that you're finding more and more time to explore the changing environment outside of your normal routines and are in high anticipation for losing a few layers of clothing!