This fall issue marks a milestone for Lake + Co. It was this time last year that we published the very first issue of Lake Time Magazine! Reflecting upon this past year, my heart is full of love and amazement at the support we've experienced from all of you- our readers and advertisers... you are our family.

It's hard to imagine that just about one year ago, our entire team moved to the Grand Rapids area and one by one... we met. Was it fate? I believe so. A dear friend of mine, that I've known since I was a toddler, has always strongly believed that "everything happens for a reason," and while I've heard her say this for decades, I've only recently given it great thought in my own life.

This past year, full of joy and struggle and triumph and risk and stress and reward, nearly brings me to tears.  Each of us have embraced our new lives and planted roots here in the great North Woods. We have held tight to the beauty around us and strive every day to be reminded and remind others of this life worth fighting for.

We are faced by daily news reports that could leave us downtrodden, disheartened and troubled. In this world of unrest and uncertainty, we strive to rise up and overcome; to live positively and peacefully and in harmony with the world around us. We hope that this magazine serves as a reminder of all that is good in life; all that surrounds us and brings us joy.

We're here to serve you, our lake nation, with meaningful content. To talk about the important things in life and things that we ought never to lose sight of. We thank you for being such an overwhelming part of our lives and for the unforgettable support you've given us this past year. 

Let peace and love prevail, always.