It's never easy to write an Editor's Letter, especially one that preceeds our superb and thoughtful "HELLO" from publisher Megan Kellin. And as any writer would relate, the concept of writers block is very real and can be quite paralyzing. However, as fate would have it, oftentimes someone or something comes into my life that gives me the push I need and nearly every time it happens to be a little thing called "inspiration."

Lately, inspiration has been oozing from every corner of my life... whether it be from my child's ever-growing imagination(!), events on television, an ailing family member, or a thoughtful comment from a friend or reader... this spring I feel a renewed sense of inspiration and excitement. To find inspiration in every day life can be challenging... truth be told. Sometimes that inspiration is cloaked in camouflage, difficult to detect. Other times it comes to you with full abandon. It can take a keen eye to pick out those moments worthy of our attention and thoughtfulness.

My job... this job... allows me innumerable moments of inspiration. Primarily from you, Sir or Maddam Reader. You lead such fascinating lives that I often wonder how we could ever come close to running out of content... and I assure you, we won't! You inspire me... us. You are this magazine!

I've come clean about the fact that I'm originally from Iowa (go Iowa!) but I think that's perhaps my biggest asset in this thing we call Lake Time Magazine. If you've read previous issues, you'd know that my family has a longstanding tradition of vacationing on northern MN lakes. It's in my blood as much as any of you born on MN soil... mine is just condensed into one week per year x 30 some odd years. Fair enough? Good. My point? Having not grown up here, it's easy for me to find inspiration in many things BUT I also get to see what inspires you. It's important for your stories and inspiration to be discovered and told and sometimes to be reminded of the beauty that can be found in every day things; things that inspire your neighbors, your family, your friends.

This spring, look around you. Find your inspiration! Find your voice and make it known. Follow your heart and embrace
it every day.


To all....

Good cheer!