Sunshine... soul shine... it's summertime! 

Boating. Swimming. Fishing. Bonfires. S'mores. Loon calls. Warm nights. Sunscreen and sunburns... and, of course,


We set out to bring you the ultimate travel guide for this summer issue, all the while knowing that this will live on coffee tables all year round. Afterall, these towns, these regions, are not just warm weather destinations. They're year round destinations!

We set out to find stories and inspiration and our travels did not disappoint. We came home with so much more. More respect for the many lifestyles of northern MN. More love for the lakes. More love for the locals. More love for the love YOU all have!

With each passing road sign to each roadside stop, we took it all in and returned to the office pumped up about this issue. And speaking of 'pumped up' ... this is the biggest issue yet! Uff da!

So go ahead! Turn through these pages to find new travel destinations, amazing hot spots, hidden gems, or tips to explore your own community. You'll want to keep this issue on hand for all of your explorations. Now, go on! Pack up, gas up, and HIT THE ROAD!

See you out there!