The importance of travel...

We consistently tout the importance of traveling around our great state, whether that means road trips to unfamiliar areas of MN or exploring and getting to know your own town a little better. We believe that there are unbelievable assets in every nook and cranny of our amazing state. And while we've always kept an open mind to traveling outside of our borders, the focus of our magazine content has remained central to the stories of MN. 

Recently, I took a trip to Maine and for anyone who's been to its rocky, wave-thrashed shores, I'd bet you'd agree that it reminds you of home; of Minnesota's very own North Shore. Feeling at home wasn't just reminiscing over the stunning scenery but also of the people I met, albeit their "funny" AHXcents (says the Minnesoootan, eh). I returned home rejuvenated and reenergized- about travel.

I learned from a very unique and new friend of mine in Maine that we ought to behave as a TRAVELER... not a tourist. WOW! Of course this would apply to our trip experience but when applied to the bigger picture... to life... isn't that what we strive to do? To go about our day by day, month by month, year by year experiencing life to the fullest and learning along the way.

This new friend also reminded me of the importance of conversation. Conversation. Simple as that. The incredible impact that telling your story and hearing other's stories can have on your very livelihood and those around you. The impact of sharing in the experience and going forth through life with the lessons we learn from others perfectly illustrates the importance of conversation and comradery.

Just by doing what you do (no matter what that is) you are enriching the lives of others and creating a culture of travelers who appreciate the simple things in life, whether they be small or significant. The seemingly ordinary things in your life - your experiences; your attitude - have the potential to change someone's life.

Travel on...