Kellie Chauvin


Kellie Chauvin is one of USOA Mrs. Minnesota 2019's most recent competitors. A refugee and immigrant herself, she dedicates her time to a non-profit that helps other women to find jobs, childcare, and a community to call their own. 

Chris McDuffie Photography

What's your mission?
My mission or platform is to empower, inspire, and uplift women and girls, to celebrate their accomplishments and the roles that they play, and to focus on their strengths. To share my message and relate to the communities around us. To represent not just married women but all women and young girls and set a good example by offering kindness and compassion because I've lived it and I can relate to others. To use my platform to make a difference in the lives that I touch and to provide resources to those in need. I want to serve others and encourage women to strive to be better and to be confident and to love themselves. 

What attributes connect you to your purpose?
I want people to know that I, someone who grew up in a refugee camp as a child and in the first Hmong generation to grow up and receive a proper education, was bullied as a child, was forced into an abusive marriage, and later lived on the streets - all to save my parents' faces in the Hmong community. Because I've experienced hardship - I've lived it and breathed it - I have the burning desire to serve others and provide resources and help give a voice for the ones that are scared. I know firsthand the importance of forgiveness, giving back, and acceptance. 

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