Kathy Annette


Kathy Annette is the president of The Blandin Foundation.She oversees a team of individuals who strive to support and encourage Minnesota's rural communities to grow and thrive, something she had done throughout the duration of her career as deputy director of field operations of Indian Health Service. She is a recognized and respected leader at local, regional, and national levels.

Dave Bjerk

What attributes connect you to your purpose?
Thoughtful - when dealing with situations, decisions, or people. Purposeful - in achieving dreams and goals. Respectful - I treat people with dignity and respect. Be honest and act with integrity. To be a good person and to do good things demands taking other's opinions and feelings into account, being purposeful as I work toward what needs to be done, and being thoughtful when making decisions and acting.

What are you most proud of? Or what do you envision your legacy to be?
Rural is on the map - statewide and nationally in philanthropy. The Blandin Foundation is an incredible place with remarkable partners we have that work so hard to improve our local and rural communities. My hope is that we have even greater rural voice; rural is seen as a place of opportunity and equity and a great place to invest.

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