John Guenveur


John Guenveur joined the WOODCHUCK USA team early on to provide his financial and operational expertise to the rapidly growing wood products company. He and Woodchuck founder, Ben, lead their team with a strong focus on their mission: putting nature back into people's lives. Their company practice of planting one tree for every product sold has set them on track to plant over 10 million trees by 2021.

What words of wisdom would you want to tell your younger self?
Scaling a business never gets "easier" as you reach new stages. The types of challenges you face will just be different and the stakes get higher. Brace yourself and never become complacent. Stay positive!

What are you most proud of?
WOODCHUCK's Buy One. Plant One.® program has planted over 1.5 million trees on six different continents, including more than 130,000 trees in Minnesota.

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