Jim Brandenburg


Jim Brandenburg is an environmentalist, nature photographer, and filmmaker who has traveled the globe as a contract photographer for National Geographic and freelance photojournalist for other international publications including The New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, and countless others. In addition to his illustrious photography career, he established the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation to promote, preserve, and expand the native prairie in southwest Minnesota.

Photo by Anthony Brandenburg

What attributes connect you to your purpose?
Along with curiosity, intuition has played an important part in my life in ways that at times truly humble me. I was fortunate to have grown up with parents that gave me a lot of freedom to make decisions on my own without the demands a lot of youth grow up with, sometimes with consequences. But thankfully I learned somehow to trust myself without checking into the logical and expected areas of the mind when faced with decisions. Looking back now it is quite obvious how often I decided upon taking an unexpected path but ended up in a much better place by trusting my intuition.  

Is there a significant decision you made or experience you've had that has forever shaped your life?
In my twenties I hesitatingly was introduced to a person that in retrospect became a very powerful guide and force at that time in my life. This person greatly affected my vision of what and how to approach my craft and work habits. I give thanks every day to Jim Vance, the publisher of a small Minnesota newspaper that saw possibility in a shy, if not lost young man on that wide-open wind swept prairie of SW Minnesota long ago.  

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