Jenna Kutcher


Jenna Kutcher is a true cheerleader for all of the creatives out there. She picked up a camera and began a photography business, which brought her into the often hard to navigate world of social media. She embraced her imperfections, bared her soul, and has grown her reach to over 700,000 engaged and inspired followers. She uses her platform to encourage and equip other creatives to run authentic, profitable businesses.

What does success mean to you?
Success to me means a life that FEELS as good as it looks on Instagram. Today we scroll through highlight reels and compare ourselves to strangers on the internet and what I want is a life that feels good, where time is my currency and it's spent well daily. I truly can't think of anything I'd rather do and I'm so grateful to have built a business that supports my life and not the other way around. I stopped glorifying busy awhile ago and spent years focusing on working smarter and not harder and both of those things have led me to today, where I can make money while I sleep and spend my days snuggling my baby, knowing my business is still serving people while I rest. 

Is there a significant decision you made or experience you've had that has forever shaped your life? 
The decision to walk away from climbing the corporate ladder to pursue something more changed the entire trajectory for my life. I wasn't positive I would make it, heck, I was a girl with nothing more than a $300 Craigslist camera, zero background in photography, and a dream to make it work and I was determined to do just that. I am so thankful that at the age of 23 I understood calculated risks, how to plan for success, and the importance of working hard towards what you want. 

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