The way our hair looks is a part of our identity. It can have such a positive effect on how we see ourselves and how we interact with the world. If we lose our hair due to any number of reasons, the impact can be negative, even devastating, and can cause some of us to withdraw socially. This reality has been my journey for many years and the desire to have nice-looking hair is how I came to be in my profession. 

We've all heard the saying, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!" 

Each year as I stood behind the stylist chair creating hair styles for my clients, I began to notice my own hair receding more and more off my forehead. Not liking what I was seeing, I began a quest for recreating the hair I once had. What I was able to achieve with outdated technology was less than desirable. To just have more hair wasn't good enough: I wanted the natural look and feel of real growing hair. 

I began searching for the best available products and attended many trainings throughout the United States. What I discovered was that major improvements have been made with Nonsurgical Hair Restoration. Hair replacements of the past were constructed from a thick base material that needed to be overpopulated with hairs to hide the base. This resulted in an unnatural rug appearance. Fast forward to today and we have hair replacement methods that start with a base material as thin and transparent as a contact lens. Each hair is now embedded one at a time rather than 5 to 6 hairs per time. Pair this approach with the replication of the same 30-degree angle of real growing hair from the scalp, and you have the completely natural appearance of hair.

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