This issue is a big deal. Not only because it's fall (and we LOVE fall) but because we've been here for one whole year! That's right, it's our birthday and we're celebrating!! 

Here we are, a year down the road, with a six state region, an amazing team, phenomenal members and ambassadors, and the best supporters and advertisers we could ask for. THANK YOU!!   

I don't how or where the time went, but it's been a time. We set out to embrace culture, support businesses, and bring exposure to the place we all love, northern Minnesota. And with that, we've learned so much. 

With every issue, and this company being a startup, I try to reflect on the journey and what it's taken to get here, yet again. I set out to relate who we are with where we live and what we do, and I keep coming back to one powerful word: TENACITY. Now let's be honest, it takes a certain type of person to embrace life in the north country. Like the magazine, the turning of each season presents a whole new set of challenges... victories and defeats. The last year has been one heck of a ride!

We've learned not only what make our lake towns unique, but the people, heritage, and traditions that give them character and attract people from all over the world. We've been inspired by the greats - international explorers, renowned photographers, brands that make Minnesota - Minnesota, and let's not forget our spectacular and extreme seasons and landscapes. The list goes on, but tenaciousness is the uncanny, common thread amongst it all. So let's talk about it.

In the game of life, no one ever achieved greatness by simply being interested... whether that's a relevant statement in our own relationships, our families, or our careers - however you define success, surely the path is littered with people who are interested in achieving something. But it takes more than interest, or even passion... it takes commitment to do or be great.

This concept of interest vs. commitment is unspoken, only to be discovered by a trail of successful failures. This translates to all areas of life. Those who are tenacious will never fail. Failure implies an undesirable result, whereas tenacity is about commitment and knowing that no matter where the tides turn, you are willing to learn from the experiences and stay the course. 

As the famed pilot Amelia Earhart stated in the quote below, the process is its own reward. And though we know that can be tough to maintain, the difference is invisible and intangible, requiring commitment and determination. And it's well worth the practice.

If you read between the lines here, you'll see this issue as an apex of commitment, ideas, and what it really takes to make it all possible. This is northern Minnesota, where everything is possible and pioneers still exist. All you need is that notorious northern work ethic, guts, and a passion to do what you love AND a hellova lot of tenacity. This is a place where if you want to succeed... forget about being interested, set your mind to it and commit! The magic will follow.