"To Make Your Mark, You Must First Find Your Place"

I recently read somewhere that somebody said that the most powerful force in humanity is not love, but the desire for home. Maybe that is because home is where we find our safety. It's where we're free to be who we truly are. It's where we protect the people we love. I'm not sure. It's an interesting concept, though.

Born and raised in the 'birth place of Judy Garland,' the saying, "There's No Place Like Home," is deeply ingrained. But lately I find that the word 'place' resonates with me more than 'home.' A place conjures an image associated with the way of life - all of the sights, sounds, smells, mannerisms, dialects, and other peculiarities that connect with the locale. 

These connections are also distinguished by its people... its markets, governments, and institutions just as much as its physical landscape, natural resources, buildings, and boundaries. It's a tool -- the understanding of such is vital in determining quality of life. 

When we know our ground, it steadies our posture to the world; it nurtures; it gives us the strength to be what we can be. It shapes our identity, history, cultural norms, values, and a people's sense of rootedness. We are the product of where we put our roots, and these places become a product of us.

These are the pillars upon which Lake Time Magazine and our parent company, Lake + Co., are built. We've found our place. Our true north. 

And it's been our greatest asset as storytellers who want to go beyond and understand not just what we're writing about, but why; to capture the moments of human spirit and togetherness that we share. Indeed, place then becomes the very essence of story. 

It's here we've chosen to chase our dreams with conviction and this issue is chock full of people who share these same sentiments. From the dreamers and doers responsible for reviving an entire community to singular communities serving others via global commodities. We've gone to great lengths to bring you socially responsible products and the makers and stories behind them. We showcase internationally-renowned artists and musicians who have dedicated their entire lives to giving back. And finally we lead you down the path less traveled, to pristine land, trails, woods, and waters.

Every page is imbued with the possibility of... more. It's true. The slogan that we often use, 'A State of Mind,' reflects our fervent hope that this publication can become a place, an advocate, and a conduit to authenticity, inspiration, and culture. The North feeds our soul. And if you're reading this, perhaps you already know. It's evident this place has heart, we see it everyday and it cannot go unsaid that we certainly feel the love and cannot thank our contributors, readers, and supporters enough. Without you, this place... our mark, Lake Time Magazine, wouldn't matter.

Now the question remains, where is your place? Where you are is what you stand for -- it is your community, and it is yours to shape and encourage and energize. 

Find that place. Explore. And enjoy the ride.