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We love LYM, how was it first inspired? Love Your Melon was founded in our entrepreneurship college class. And since October 22nd, 2012 we've been on a mission to improve the lives of children battling cancer...we wanted to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America. 


So how did you do it? 

In 2014,?Love Your Melon embarked on two nationwide tours and spread its mission from coast to coast.?After meeting amazing individuals at colleges all over the country who wanted to get involved, Love Your Melon developed the Campus Crew Program.?To date, more than 11,000?students at 740?different colleges and?universities?have joined the story.? 


What was your goal? 

We set out to donate 45,000 hats to children undergoing cancer treatment. Our next goal was the big one - one?million dollars to pediatric cancer research and we wanted to provide immediate support to the children and their families. We achieved the goal in 2015 and personally donated?51,264 hats at?705 donation events?in 46 states. 


What's it's impact as of today?  

Love Your Melon is widening its impact in the fight against childhood cancer by opening the?door to support additional nonprofit partners. As of April 8, 2016, Fifty Percent (50%)?of net proceeds from the sale of all Love Your Melon products are donated to Love Your?Melon's 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer. Our partners work in?the field of pediatric oncology, fund cancer research initiatives and provide immediate?support for families of children battling cancer. 




Why Therapeutic Treatments? 


As children go through the challenging battle of cancer treatment they need more than just medicine. Therapeutic treatments are proven to increase treatment success and at Love Your Melon we are dedicated to providing this relief?for children by?creating an adventure they will never forget. We are able to take them on a helicopter, plane, boat or limo ride. Love Your Melon hats allow us the opportunity to get to know these amazing kids personally and learn more about how we can make a difference.?