John Scarr

John Scarr is an independent astro-adventure photographer whose life achievements include bicycling 800 miles through the mountains of New Zealand in the winter, transporting two cats across the Western U.S. in a 125 degree heatwave, and placing first in National Wildlife Magazine's 2017 photo contest - "People in Nature" category.

Chippewa National Forest

What inspires you to do the work you do?

My family, friends, and all of the creatives that showed me what it meant to be dedicated to an art. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of Iron Rangers who welcomed me in to the community and taught me the ways of the North. I'm extremely lucky to have such a supportive group of friends behind me.

How do you best disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with your passions?

My daily grind is my passion - every picture is a result of weeks of planning out locations, studying weather, driving hours on end, hiking off into the woods/mountains/deserts, sometimes alone and sometimes for weeks. It's one giant logistical nightmare puzzle and I'm constantly finding new things to learn. It's also a great excuse to camp, fish, and be alone in complete country quiet.

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