Anton Treuer


Anton Treuer is an academic and author specializing in the Ojibwe language and American Indian studies. His education and cultural work has put him on a path of service around the region, the nation, and the world. Despite receiving more than 40 prestigious awards and fellowships over the years, he has remained true to his roots and his first passion: teaching others about the vibrant culture and history of American Indians. 

What attributes connect you to your purpose?
Everything I do serves some higher purpose. Teaching our language and culture, officiating at ceremonies, researching and writing books, speaking and facilitating trainings on racial equity and cultural competency, organizing our regional truth and reconciliation work - it all helps make the world a better place. That makes all the lifting worth
the effort.

Is there a piece of advice you've received that brought You to who you are and the meaningful work you do today?
I have a library full of great advice. Keep reading; keep listening; keep asking; keep learning. Pay yourself first - pay your body with attention to your health, wealth, and wellbeing. Nurture your most important relationships.

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