by Mike Karch, Floyd Total Security

Security has taken on a different meaning over the last 10 years or so. Protecting your business or home used to mean locks or burglar alarms. Now it's about a whole range of technology to control access, reduce risk and loss, protect employee and customer information, monitor the parking lot, and so much more.

The security world has changed and so have the emerging threats. What hasn't changed is the basic approach to protecting your business or home.

People expect a professional security survey, to get educated about the latest solutions, and then discuss a plan that meets their needs and budget. It is important to go through this process. Not only do security companies have to come up with a plan to address identified threats, insurance companies and attorneys also want this type of assessment conducted to contain the risks as much as possible.

Once you identify your risk, you will have a pretty good idea on what to budget for security. If you have nothing to lose, protection is cheap. If the survival of your business or home is at risk, you will need to spend enough to secure it.

Security issues are always there. For many, interest in security is triggered by an event that raised their concern. It could be a burglary in their neighborhood, their insurance company bringing it up, or they are a small business just opening a retail location and they know they should do something. Don't wait for some event to get you thinking about how to protect yourself.

The best place to start is with locks and keys. That's the first layer of security. You want to control who goes through the doors. For businesses, among the easiest ways to do that is with restricted duplication keys, which are controlled by the manufacturer, under US patents, and issued only to select dealers who have undergone extensive background checks. For homes, deadbolts are absolutely necessary to deter break-ins. Although a determined burglar will always find a way, they don't like being slowed down or have to make a noisy entrance that may attract a neighbor's attention.

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