Shabby chic and uniquely vintage, Rust 2 Roses is one of our new favorite businesses! From the store’s name to the product displays to the owner, Judy Forcier, there simply is nothing to not love about this store. 

     Rust 2 Roses is as easy on the eyes as any store we’ve entered and the mix of vintage-esque and antique goods is truly an inspiring experience to behold. 

     Upon entering the shop, you are instantly drawn into her beautiful displays. The organic feel of wood, metal, lighting and textiles complement the merchandise- some incorporate empty picture frames or paint-peeled doors, others incorporate naked lightbulbs and another incorporates an old rusty box spring. The store is more like an exhibit than a marketplace but the merchandise is definitely worthy. Judy takes equal pride in her vision as in the products she stocks as she strives to buy as much local- and American-made as possible. Her merchandise includes home decor, jewelry, textile bags, women’s clothing, furniture, art and much more. 

     The store’s color palette is inviting, intruiging and inspirational. The owner is artistic and genuine. The goods are divine. Even the cash register, vintage to the core, is worth a peek.