With a passion for woodworking, a background in interior design, and long history in construction, Jon Chapek moved his family from the burbs of Toronto, Canada to the woods of northern Minnesota and they haven't looked back. Jon's Wood has been seen in homes and businesses all over the United States and we're happy to call this talented soul one of our own. 

Q: Establishing Jon's Wood in northern Minnesota is very exciting for the area, what made you choose this location?

A: Having grown up in Grand Rapids, I couldn't think of raising my family anywhere else. The fit for the business and northern Minnesota is incredible. We have access to such a wide assortment of hardwoods as well as other wood products that are being harvested responsibly, locally, and providing jobs to so many other Minnesotans like me! The process of buying wood is such a great experience locally, you meet with professionals that you may have known for 25 years and many times it involves sawing your own logs to get the boards that you want. It's about working with family and friends within our community. It's about seeing a harvested tree and loving every single step of its journey until it becomes a finished product. That's what Minnesota brings to Jon's Wood. To top it off, I love woodworking.
Q: What is Jon's Wood designing and building right now?

A: Our sweet spot this year (our 1st year) was mostly tables, kitchen cabinets, vanities, and sourcing and installing wood floors. It's truly a family venture and my wife Alex and I counter one another's skill sets. She has her workshop. I have mine. Dreams do come true, haha!

Q: How does Jon's Wood plan to utilize the available resources and continue growth as a business in northern Minnesota?

A: I really appreciate that question. My vision for the future is not to be a jack-of-all-trades millwork shop. I believe that the market for locally sourced products is unlimited and I have been working with local wood wholesalers to develop a line of wood products that can be handmade here and shipped anywhere. Finding the right partner to help fulfill this vision is critical to our continued growth. 

Q: We've been seeing your products all over the place and heard you're currently working on some major partnerships - that's amazing! Do tell more.

A: Being a new business and experiencing the growth and demand, we really feel that collaborating with larger and like-minded suppliers is the next best step! This will allow us to have the quality materials we need to build our pieces and fulfill orders. The ideal partnership will allow Jon's Wood to co-brand, access distribution chains, and ultimately elevate the  product and turn-around time for our communities.

Lake Time Magazine welcomes you back to Minnesota and thanks  you for bringing your passion and talents. How can we get a hold of you and make our own custom order?