Whether you're a tourist or local who's lived here your whole life, 218 Home + Gift will keep you smiling from the moment you step foot in the door until you leave. A guaranteed new staple in your shopping routine and travel plans, this store is the true epitome of "218" and Bemidji. 

     Owners Jennifer and Jen are as charismatic as they come and their vision is evident- a modern tourist shop. "There's nothing like it anywhere. We have a classic, yet modern feel." It's so true. You walk in and experience an ambiance unlike anything else. From speaking to these two, their enthusiasm is contagious and you can tell they have a lot of fun in business.  

     The duo met while dating two brothers and in the same year they each married and became Jennifer Pomp but to lessen confusion, one remains Jennifer and the other Jen. Their friendship grew and their shared passion for crafting led them to open Yellow Umbrella in 2009. The store started as a handmade gift retailer but once they started introducing consignment clothing the growth was so intense that they started renting the existing 218 space for online Yellow Umbrella orders. Eventually, the store's inventory outgrew the space so they decided to keep all clothing at Yellow Umbrella and started 218 Home + Gift for their gift market in November 2014. Since launching their website in April 2015, the response has been "explosive!" 

     The store is a unique, but consistent selection of Minnesota and Bemdji- themed products from apparel to home décor and drinkware, 218 Home + Gift has something for everyone.