All seasons along the North Shore are breathtaking but one season that really stands out is fall. There's just nothing like the warm sunshine, crisp air, and colored leaves that illuminate the shoreline. Fall is a great season to get outside, be active, and really take in all of those colors that decorate the shore. Bottom line: the North Shore is the definition of the perfect fall foliage. Whether it's a quick trip to Duluth to get a piece of it or a longer venture up the shore, there is something for everyone looking to get their fall fix. 


If you enjoy biking, you will love the trails in Duluth during the fall season. The Lakewalk is great and allows you to experience Duluth beside the water, but the trail systems in Duluth's parks are a great way to ride beneath the colored trees and get a bird's eye view of Duluth's fall foliage. A few parks and trails to note: 

-Lester/Amity Park System: This system will take you all the way up the hill to Hawks Ridge for incredible views. 

-Hartley Park System: A flatter trail than Lester, but this trail will have large pine trees mixed in with the reds and oranges of fall.

-Enger Park Trails: Right on the edge of the ridge, this trail system will allow you to look down on Duluth and the colorful hillside.

-Spirit Mountain Trails: A plus to this trail is that the ski lift will give you a ride up and bikers can take their bikes down. These trails are recommended for more experienced bikers due to how steep they can get. 

Want to come check it out but need a place to stay? Beacon Pointe Resort is a great option for you as it is right on the water and has direct access to the Lakewalk. This means that if you want to check out some of the trails on the hillside, you will also get the experience of being lakeside too. And better yet, Beacon Pointe can set you up with fun-filled experiences that you can do through the Duluth Experience. Think: mountain biking tours, brewery tours, kayak tours, and more! 


Driving along Highway 61 up the North Shore during fall is by far a fan favorite. Places you don't want to miss when taking the trip up to Two Harbors is Gooseberry Falls State Park and the Rustic Inn CafĂ©. 


Fall at Gooseberry is breathtaking. Viewing the fall colors that surround the rushing waterfalls that flow into Lake Superior is like no other during prime fall foliage season. The fresh air, crunching of leaves beneath your feet, and impeccable views will have you leaving wanting more. Insider tip: take a look at the Minnesota DNR's Fall Color Finders current review of Gooseberry Falls fall foliage before making your way there for the day.

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