Life Abroad A Houseboat Is Unlike Any Other

Imagine you're out on the lake, not a soul in sight, sounds of nature abound, the sun is shining high, the sky is blue, and eagles are soaring overhead. Absolute nature and not an ounce of comfort spared.

Unspoiled wilderness is a lure for so many of us. People from around the world flock to the North with dreams of the sounds of waves crashing, loons calling, the reel spinning, and the fire crackling. You'll never be here just once. Even if you live here, this is the place vacation dreams are made of.

Everyone should see Voyageurs National Park at some point in their life. What starts out as the mouth of a river enclosed by towering trees, turns into vast waters, rock cliffs, and islands which all of a sudden feel like your own private place in the world. Houseboats are definitely a big part of the experience. The untouched, only to be explored by boat, is an amazing thing.

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