Camping has been a tradition in Minnesota for, well, ever. The 125th anniversary of the Minnesota State Park System reminds us of just how important this tradition is for all of Minnesota. For most of us, camping started in our parents' backyard. We'd gather the neighbor kids together, pick whose backyard and start to pitch everyone's tents. If you happened to be so lucky, like we were, you had a "cabin" tent and everyone could fit in the one tent at one time. This was camping at its finest. Pure luxury, well, to a 10 year old it was. These are the types of memories we all hold on to and continue into adulthood.

There are so many types of camping these days. Many still prefer tents but camping has gone more luxury with the rapid growth of the camper/RV scene, but it doesn't stop there. No matter what style of camping you enjoy doing, Minnesota offers some of the best areas and some of the best summer weather to experience all types of this traditional summer fun.