Just as this publication first originated, a crazy harebrained idea, is the same trend that we're seeing amongst many of our Minnesota makers, doers... dreamers.

A couple weeks ago we shot our cover photo, all with a vision in mind - to collaborate, to give back, and to represent the true spirit of the north. We learned that magic can happen in the form of collaboration... doors open, people and cultures come together, and ultimately... the experience is more meaningful.  

Along the way, it dawned on us that the metaphors used in paddle boarding aren't all that different than what we had just experienced in our lake towns. Our communities all possess a love and respect for the water. And for most, a means of 'escape' brings a change of pace and new perspective. 

There's a universal understanding that collaboration is vital to success, but it's also constantly changing. In order to adapt, we must continually learn, discuss, analyze trends and technologies, and ultimately find the balance. It's our belief that the knowledge of community, often going back generations, as well as the need to work together and be inclusive, is innate. Minnesotans are hardwired to be good collaborators and luckily these traits bode well with bold initiatives. Shore Boards, Sanborn Canoe Company, and The Artbeat Collective, along with all their friends and family (now friends of ours too) are true testaments to all of this - and the images created here are the intersection of their passion and drive. That is Minnesota; it's what our state is built on.

This issue pays homage to the risk takers and change makers and the family, friends, and communities that support them. The people who show up and always have. May we all find our balance with each new adventure. 

Paddle on.